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ransglobal Hemp-Products Corporation is a Victoria, British Columbia, Canada registered private company with a corporate mandate of becoming a public company on a recognized Canadian stock exchange. The commercial mandate is to market Industrial Hemp via paper, textiles, food and energy (oil, methanol, ethanol, coal), by methodically re -educating the public regarding Industrial Hemp's 50,000 plus product capacity, and also to

Replace wood with Hemp pulp;
Replace cotton textiles and clothing with Hemp textiles and clothing;
Replace unhealthy foods with Hemp foods (gruel, cheeses, Hempeh burgers, roasted seeds, Hemp oil, protein cake products, etc.);
Replace hydrocarbons with carbohydrates by replacing fossil fuels with Hemp fuel (oil, methanol, ethanol, coal); 
Cultivate Hemp in 1 of 26 countries legally producing Hemp and manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing Hemp products (50,000 at 1945) of all types to replace wood pulp, hydrocarbons, chemicals, toxins, cotton, etc.; 
Invent and re-engineer technologies of Hemp harvesting and Hemp manufacturing; 
Sell Hemp information to interested parties via various means; 
Provide Hemp business opportunities in all facets of the agricultural lifecycle, harvesting, manufacturing and marketing of Hemp as a raw material for many of the world's needs; 
Service the conversion needs of corporations, government and private individuals as they re-learn the amazing advantages, features and benefits of Industrial Hemp so as to replace chemicals, synthetics, toxins, hydrocarbons, wood pulp and unhealthy foods; 
Expand Industrial Hemp research and development via leading edge technologies and basic and applied research and development; 
Establish a non-profit society with a registered tax number to re-educate the world's population of Industrial Hemp's many uses and advantages; 
Methodically practice "Caux Round Table Principles For Business" which are business ethics of socially responsible businesses of the 90's and beyond. 

Transglobal Hemp-Products Corporation will buy industrial hemp products (max 0.3% THC),
including: Paper, Hemp textiles, Hemp food and oil (energy and cooking)
at competitive prices in container-size custom mixed orders, to be delivered to our Victoria warehouse. 
If interested, please call or send us email. 

The Corporate Team Includes:
A visionary entrepreneur (B.B.A.) who created the original idea of commercializing Industrial Hemp via the public stock market.. with a background in syndicating venture capital, public companies and other financial vehicles in real estate, research and development, films, mining, oil, oceanography, magazines, aquaculture, franchising, music and environmental projects; 

A prominent Victoria, B.C. securities lawyer (L.L.M.) and tax lawyer with international experience;

A near-famous Victoria, B.C. lawyer (L.L.B.) for 800 Clayoquot Sound protesters who is also a published author of several books and the founder of one of British Columbia's largest law firms;

A retired retailer (B.Sc.) with international experience and knowledge, including genetics and International Surfrider's Foundation directorship;

A computer whiz (B.Sc.) active in designing computer models for almost any application;

Creative mechanical engineer (UK)/inventor (P.Eng.) with worldwide experience with major oil and coal companies, focusing on technologies;

Young retailer with high energy, knowledge and experience beyond his years and CEO of British Columbia Hemp Company (Canada's sole Hemp manufacturer);

Seasoned international importer/exporter (B.Mus.) with business partner in China and land holdings in Hungary and Thailand (some of world's biggest Hemp exporters);

World-wide web consultant with international marketing expertise;
Internet surfer and business service provider with peripheral services (DIP.PSYCH and DIP.BUS.ADMIN);
International importer/exporter, wholesaler/retailer (dip. managerial studies - Switzerland) in Hemp paper and Hemp paper products via Ecosource Paper Inc. (largest in Canada);

Ph.D. in agriculture as agricultural advisor with topics ranging from seed research to equipment modifications;

Award-winning graphic artist with both computer-generated and free-hand capabilities;

Paper printer with competitive products and services. 

This is nature's Cinderella: Industrial Hemp, its amazing history and it's re-emerging industrial applications to benefit mankind and start the process to detoxify this planet by replacing wood pulp, hydrocarbons, chemicals, dioxins, toxins, cotton and unhealthy foods with the 10,000 year old standby: Industrial Hemp. Remember, the first part of everyone's journey to improve the world is that very first step.
This is your opportunity to take that first step today!